onsdag den 20. august 2014

Depression og død

Fordi jeg har behov for at få luft.
Undskyld det er på engelsk... 

This whole depression is awfull-bull, when some one know takes his or her own life, annoys the shit out of me.
Suddenly people give a damn.
Suddenly every body knows what it's all about, and every body is so darn understanding.
Well - where the fuck were you 15 years ago, when I tried to slit my wrist?
Where the fuck were you 10 years ago, when I was hospitalised with an attempt to take my own life by overdosing?
Yep, that's right. You weren't there, because you only saw the happy me, and when I tried talking about it, you looked at me like I was insane.

It's fine that you have some insight now that one of your idols have past - but how about actually doing something about it? Be nice to the people around you, try talking if you see one of them hurting.
Stop the bullshit updates, and start doing something!

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